Today, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Korea said that Facebook Korea Vice-President Cho Yong-bum is hired as country manager by social networking service. He is well known for his efforts to the extension of Facebook in the Korean marketplace. With advertising agencies, he will supervise sales in cooperation and marketing policies.

For Facebook Korea, he is the first country manager although its vice-president has shifted to the role of a manager. According to Dan Neary, head of Facebook’s global marketing solutions team in the Asia Pacific, with some 11 million users and a sophisticated advertisement market, Korea is a significant market. They are hoping to distinguish many other corporations to thrive by advertising through Facebook by hiring a country manager. Before getting his MBA from the Harvard Business School, Cho studied business administration and English literature at Sunkyunkwan University. Before joining Facebook Korea, he worked as a consultant as sales manager at IBM and at McKinsey & Co.

“Like” button of social networking site will undergo another change. About a month ago, the company nixed the ever-present thumbs-up sign and changed it. Now in the appearance of a ‘sympathy’ button, it could be getting a more expressively multifaceted character. When users post statuses, the button could depend on a “mood” drop-down list. For instance “like” button would change into a “sympathize” button, if the designated mood is “sad.”

Then through clicking it, friends could show sympathy automatically. Similar to the like tally displayed now, the sympathy count would display in the same manner. In this way, the irritating requirement to type a sad-face emoticon or real words of support within the hearts of the average user’s few hundred closest friends is vanished.
However, no exact detail of launching a “sympathize” button was disclosed. But, it was experimented. at a Facebook hackathon that took place earlier this year, witnessed the results.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares rose 0.09%, to $47.98 in early trading.

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